Wanted Game Pages

From Full Metal Alchemist d20

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This is a manually-maintained list of 'most wanted' pages regarding game mechanics.

If you're an experienced GM, or have some neat ideas for game rules and mechanics this is the place for you to help!

Please read the Philosophy page before working on these pages so that we're all on the same page.

  • More Feats
  • Races has subheadings that need to be filled out in the manner of the D&D Player's Handbook
  • Alchemical Items could use descriptions and first-drafts of how they will work in-game. Recipe Book is a good example.
  • Planes of Existence needs a Manual of the Planes-style writeup for each of: the Alchemic World (the FMA world), the Sprit World, and the Scientific World (our world)
  • Equipment

There are some other sections that have priority but which probably need some work before 'anyone' can add content:

  • Classes, especially basic descriptions of how they work and level progression tables
  • the Alchemy and Alchemy Concepts pages